Vanessa Roberts is a visionary whose dynamic, incisive, and sometimes hilarious presentation on Code Switching allows the audience to better bridge the gaps between the racial, economic, and cultural difference that both divide and bind our society. In my Career and Technology Education (CTE) classrooms, I have used Vanessa’s presentation as an entry point for students to understand the contrast between everyday and professional communication and the way to successfully navigate between both worlds. Vanessa has an innate ability to engage students and is always one of my most popular presenters.
— Nate Green, Program Director, Bringing Back the Arts Program

Incredible! Vanessa was a hit with our group. She easily understood the context of the group and worked with everyone in a manner that was inclusive and thought-provoking, prompting dialogue and understanding. I’ll definitely work with her again.
— Susan Edmondson, Executive Director, Bee Vradenburg Foundation

Very powerful. Despite our obvious differences I heard my story of developing my own identity despite of my parents and history coming back to consciously decide what to keep. Thanx!
— Non-Profit Org. Member, White, Female

I appreciated the risk the presenter took in opening herself and sharing her story. It was a great example of how humor can be used to facilitate a discussion of a serious topic.
— Non-Profit Org. Member, Canadian

This was a piece of the WPC [White Privilege Conference] content that made up a different part than any other workshop I have been to. Ausgezeichnet!
— College Student, White, Male

I loved the entire workshop. It was an entirely new way of seeing things and game me a better understanding of racial identity.
— College Student, German & Chezelu American, Female

I was mad at first, but I calmed down and began to listen to what she was prepared to say.
— High School Student, Human, Female